An officer with the Yuma (AZ) Police Department was in full uniform when he entered a pizza parlor seeking his shift meal when an employee told him that he would have to leave because the officer was armed with his service pistol at the time.  

According to KYMA-TV, the proprietor issued a statement saying that the employee misunderstood the restaurant's policy on firearms.

"We're aware of the incident that occurred in our Yuma, Ariz. location on Thursday, January 24 involving an armed police officer who was asked to leave our restaurant by an employee who wasn’t aware of our firearm policy. We permit all law enforcement personnel to carry their firearm while visiting our restaurants, whether they are in uniform or plain clothes. Officers in plain clothes are simply required to show their badge and picture ID before entering with a firearm. The employee in question, as well as all of our employees, will be retrained on this important policy. We appreciate and fully support law enforcement and everything they do to protect and safeguard our communities. We have expressed our sincere apologies to the officer, and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Yuma Police Department."