During the funeral procession for a slain officer with the Birmingham (AL) Police Department a moment of citizen support was captured in a touching photo.

As the procession for 44-year old Sergeant WyTasha Carter passed in the pouring rain, a man was seen sheltering a deputy standing at attention and saluting.

The two never exchanged words, and the deputy had no idea that the act of kindness had even taken place.

"I didn't know he was there. My peripheral vision was cut off with my hat. ... I was in my moment paying my respects to Sergeant Carter," Dial told ABC News.

The image of simple and silent support for a mourning law enforcement officer went viral on social media, and was picked up by a local ABC-TV affiliate.

WBMA-TV posted the photo with the caption, "If you know this man, we ask that you please call us…"

Soon thereafter, Deputy Tiffany Dial was able to meet the mystery man—identified as Shawn Allen.

"People do care about us, and that's very uplifting. It can be very easy to get jaded in this job, so it's nice to see the good in people and to be reminded of that too," Dial told the station.