Being a cop doesn’t make someone more important than anyone else or any other profession but it does mean that cops are unique.

There are similar occupations (military, firefighting, EMS first responders) but just as a cop can’t claim to fully understand any of those particular jobs (with the exception in some cases of public safety departments) the job of a police officer stands unique in its own right. The best men and women who take on the vocation of being a police officer understand that it truly is a “calling” and not just a job. A good cop must be committed to a clear concept of the purpose of law enforcement in a way that transcends the notion of punching a clock and getting a paycheck.

These same men and women will find in a matter of years, however, that the job will change them. It will change their outlook on the world, their interactions with others and in some cases their very ability to deal with others who are not in law enforcement. They will find that once close relationships with friends and family may fade. Sometimes, that’s a natural thing and other times there is simply a lack of understanding of what stresses a cop endures in their day-to-day routines. Here are 4 stresses that cops deal with that are good to share with non-cops for a little insight as to what has been causing those changes in you (or a cop you know):

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