A Winnipeg, Canada mayoral candidate says convicted criminals should pay for the policing demands they create, starting with impaired drivers.

"If you get convicted, we bill you for the officer's time, the evidence bags, the paperwork, the breath tests. If you can afford a car, insurance, gas and get intoxicated, then you can afford the police car ride when you get convicted," said Tim Diack, a Winnipeg Police Service officer running for mayor.

Diack said the billing process could be similar to patient billing for ambulance rides, which currently cost Winnipeggers up to $340 per trip, according to the Manitoba Government's website.

Diack said police billing would eventually expand to other convicted offenses, with exemptions for low-income offenders, reports the Winnipeg Sun.

The candidate said he didn't approach provincial or federal government officials to determine if their approval is required or if they'd provide it.

Winnipeggers will elect their next mayor on Oct. 24.