A New York family recently wrote a letter to the Rhode Island State Police with a special request filled with a young boy’s hope, according to Fox News.

The letter arrived — fittingly — to the Barracks located at Hope Valley.

The Ketcher family had been traveling on I-95 in the Hope State when a stuffed toy belonging to 4-year-old Will fell out the window of their vehicle.

The boy’s mother suggested that he write a letter to police asking for help, never thinking the note would actually result in anything, according to a report by WPRI-TV.

“Dear Rhode Island State Highway Patrol,” the letter began. “I lost my Roger and I really want him back. Can you please find him? I know it’s hard to wake up at night, but can you please go get him and send him back? I love him.”

The boy explained further that Roger was a stuffed cheetah.

Rhode Island Highway Patrol Corporal Lawens Fevrier told WPRI that troopers looked for the toy, but were unable to find it.

Failing finding the toy, they sent Will a box containing a new stuffed cheetah, along with a letter to the boy.

“We are so sorry Roger was lost,” the letter read. “We spent days looking for him on the highway. We couldn’t find him. We did find another cheetah walking around the highway. We stopped to talk to him. He said that he was looking for a new home in the Big Apple and we thought of you. Before we sent him to you we had to make him a Cheetah Trooper. The first cheetah trooper in the history of the Rhode Island State Police.”