The Oconee County (GA) Sheriff’s Office used Facebook to let people know that driving in the snow and ice that fell this week isn’t worth it.

The recent onslaught of winter weather had the region shut down, or it should have, except people don’t listen and insisted on driving. While the winter weather wouldn’t have been considered extreme in many parts of the country, Georgians are not known for their winter driving skills. A light dusting of snow is enough to shut down schools, the Tribunist reports.

So the Sheriff's Office took the proactive step of warning locals to stay home.

Some of the posts read:

“I know what y’all are doing. You looked out the window and saw your driveway and the 87 feet of road you can see looks good so you head into town. Folks….there is STILL ICE ON THE ROAD. There is LOTS of ice on the road. A Coke truck hit a chicken truck what ran off in the ditch on 441…in the meantime some dude rolled his pickup on the Loop…and there are cars in ditches all over the county.”

“I know you need cigarettes, beer and wine to get you through having your kids at home. Can you just do without for a day? Stay home.”

There was also a post directed at transplants from the North who tend to laugh at local winter weather. It reads:

"If a Deputy is directing you to not travel down a roadway, he or she probably has a good reason for doing so. The fact that you are from Wisconsin and “this ain’t sh..” is really not pertinent."