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Excerpts from Philadelphia police radio calls capture the chaos in the city's streets after the Eagles' Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots Sunday night.

Beleaguered officers dealt with crowds throwing bottles, climbing and tearing down light poles, setting fire to things, overturning vehicles, and smashing store windows. One call summed up the night for the officers, “It’s endless, chief. Endless.”

Here's a small sample of the radio calls. For more, go to Slate.

11:04 p.m. “We got a large crowd at City Hall climbing the fence.”

11:11 p.m. “They’re on top of trash trucks. There is to be no one on top of trash trucks, guys.”

11:25 p.m. “I need to get the fire extinguisher out of my trunk. I got a fire on Broad Street just south of South. Someone lit a Christmas tree on fire.”

11:26 p.m. “They just flipped a car over here. If you could get a medical response team over here, I’d greatly appreciate it.”

11:44 p.m. “A man jumped off the light pole and landed on his head.”

11:45 p.m. “We have a light pole down. On the east side of Macy’s corner. We have live wires.”

12:12 a.m. “At Broad and Market they’re throwing bottles at the cops. Please send SWAT teams over there in case we need them.”

12:24 a.m. “I got somebody jumping on top of the fire truck now.”