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One off-duty Las Vegas officer was killed in the Sunday night mass shooting at the Route 91 country music concert. Multiple officers in attendance at the concert off duty or responding to the shooting were wounded.

From Nevada, one off-duty Las Vegas Metro officer was killed. Two on-duty Las Vegas officers were wounded. The LVMPD Twitter account says one of the on-duty officers was stable after surgery and the second "sustained minor injuries."

From California: A deputy with the Orange County Sheriff's was shot in the abdomen and thigh. The wounds were described by the Los Angeles Times as "severe." An LAPD officer was shot in the knee. She is expected to recover. A Bakersfield police officer was wounded in the gunfire and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Two employees with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were struck by gunfire, the agency said. One was critically injured while the other is stable. One was earlier described as a deputy. Ontario Police Officer Michael Gracia, 24, was wounded and underwent surgery Monday morning, officials said. He is listed in critical but stable condition. Gracia’s wife was also hurt during the incident but her injuries were non-life-threatening.

From Colorado: Curtis Leoni, 52, who has been an Englewood police officer for around 25 years, called his sister and told her he had been wounded, but did not have life-threatening injuries, the Denver Post reports.