In honor of Independence Day 2017, MT2, a firing range lead reclamation and maintenance contractor, has set aside funds to support a program that promotes INTERdependence.

Police and law enforcement protect and serve their communities, but unfortunately many lose their lives in the line of duty. Many times, they leave behind family including young children and this loss is devastating, but it also impacts them for a lifetime.

James M. Barthel, President of Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2), responded by stating:

“We have a corporate initiative of annually supporting our brothers and sisters in blue. Our core vision and mission is to provide premier specialty environmental products and services with a higher purpose and MT2 personnel are passionate about cleaning and restoring our environment, protecting people from the hazards of lead, and in serving and protecting those who serve and protect us, whether in the military or in law enforcement.” Barthel continued, “We are pleased to announce our support in helping law enforcement officers nationwide make a difference with their goal to develop partnerships between police and youth with programs to financially support children of law enforcement officers who have been lost or permanently disabled in the line of duty.”

MT2 encourages others interested in supporting law enforcement and the communities they serve to join them in supporting important programs and charitable organizations in their local communities as well.