VIDEO: Fallen MO Officer's Brother-In-Law Gives Emotional Eulogy

St. Louis County, MO, Police Officer Justin Sparks gave an emotional speech during the funeral for his brother-in-law, fellow officer Blake Snyder. The two were very close. Sparks helped him make the decision to become an officer, reports KTVI.

Officer Blake Snyder was shot and killed by an 18-year-old suspect one week ago. He was an active church member and father.

Snyder joined law enforcement because his wife Elizabeth's dad, Mike Sparks, was a police officer who died from cancer prematurely, and her brother, Justin Sparks, is a St. Louis County officer.

This is a portion of Sparks' eulogy:

"Buddy, Blake, while I wept over you in the hospital room, I was struck with the sensation of unbearable loss accompanied by unbelievable pride. So allow me now, brother, to make you proud. I will live on and realize your dreams. I will be your arms, holding up Elizabeth. I will be your hands, in guiding your son to become an honorable man. That is my promise.

"Today, in the presence of God, and all those you know, I tell you this: You are a better man than I, brother. You are a better man than me."