VIDEO: Actor Erik Estrada Becomes Idaho Reserve Officer

A well-known actor who once played a policeman on a popular television series is now a real-life police officer and working as a reserve for the City of St. Anthony in Idaho.

Erik Estrada starred as a highway patrol officer in the T.V. series "CHiPS." He is now teaming up with the St. Anthony (ID) Police Department to kick off the department's new 'Internet Crimes Against Children' task force.

The actor that once played a police officer on the TV show 'CHIPS' was sworn in on Saturday to be a 'Reserve' for the City of St. Anthony. He says he always wanted to be a cop even before he played one on TV, reports KPVI.

Estrada says their mission is to educate and protect children from the internet. He says it's a worldwide problem that he hopes to bring awareness to. He says education is the best prevention when it comes to a predator being just a click away from reaching your child.

"The online sexual predator will take his time to groom a child on the internet. They will send them gifts, they will befriend them, they will be there for them and before you know it, the child has disclosed every bit of information of themselves. Now they know where they live," says Estrada.

After Estrada was sworn in, he visited South Fremont High School in St. Anthony. He plans to come back sometime in September to help educate the people in the area about 'Internet Crimes Against Children.'


"CHIPS" Actor Erik Estrada Becomes Idaho Reserve Officer