VIDEO: Wounded Protester Tearfully Thanks Dallas Officers for Protecting Her and Her Son

Shetamia Taylor, one of two civilians shot during Thursday's deadly police ambush in downtown Dallas, shared her account of the tragedy during a press conference Sunday.

When Taylor and her family were ready to go home after the protest, they heard the first shot. The second shot hit a police officer, who yelled at them, "He has a gun, run!"

Taylor and her boys were running when she says that she felt the bullet hit her in the back of the leg. She grabbed her son Andrew and got on top of him behind a car. Officers realized that Taylor had been hit and surrounded her and her son.

Through tears, Taylor said, "And then, I saw another officer get shot ... Right there in front of me."

The officers put Taylor and her son in the back of a police car to take them to the hospital. Taylor said that the back of the car was riddled with bullets and that by the time they made it to the hospital, the tires were flat, USA Today reports.