VIDEO: Austin SWAT Officer Shot Executing Search Warrant

An Austin, TX, SWAT officer was shot while executing a search warrant at a home in North Austin early Thursday, Austin police Chief Art Acevedo said. Another SWAT team member exchanged fire with the 18-year-old shooter, who surrendered to police within minutes, reports the Austin Statesman.

Acevedo said the officer who was shot, a seven-year veteran on the force, was with his family in stable condition at University Medical Center Brackenridge. He will remain off-duty while he recovers, the chief said.

"I ask the community of faith to just say a prayer for our officer," Acevedo said.

A SWAT team had been executing a search warrant at a two-story duplex on Morrow Street near North Lamar Boulevard, where police said a suspect who was wanted for narcotics trafficking and sales lived. The officers breached the doors at 5:54 a.m. while announcing themselves through a special PA system, Acevedo said. The team also used flash distraction devices as the officers moved into the home, he said.

An 18-year-old male fired at the uniformed officers from upstairs, Acevedo said. The shooter fired multiple times and struck one officer in the knee; another officer returned fire but did not hit the shooter. Officers retreated from the home at 5:59 a.m., Acevedo said.

About 12 minutes later, the shooter exited the home and surrendered to police with a woman believed to be his mother, the chief said. Acevedo said officers found evidence of drugs in the home.

Public records indicate 18-year-old North Austin resident Tyler Michael Harrell has now been charged with attempted capital murder in the shooting.