VIDEO: Federal Officers Shot, Motel Burned in Kansas Fugitive Operation

Saturday night, federal and local law enforcement agencies came under fire in a warrant operation at a Topeka, KS, motel. Three federal officers were wounded and the motel was set ablaze.

Just before 10 p.m., the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force was executing a federal arrest warrant for 28-year-old Orlando J. Collins at the Country Club Motel. Collins had been sought as a person of interest in connection with a carjacking and a holdup that happened in Topeka. Collins is also believed to have been involved in other area robberies.

Members of the task force approached the motel room door and came under fire. Two Deputy United States Marshals and an FBI Agent experienced non-life-threatening wounds.

After continued gunfire, investigators believe a fire started in the room where Collins was and spread to the whole building.

The Topeka Fire Department battled the blaze for three hours and the County Club Motel was in ashes by the end of it, KSNT reports.

A body was found in the room where Collins was believed to be, but officials have not yet confirmed the identity of that person.