VIDEO: Indiana Reporter has Eye-Opening Experience in Police Shoot-Don't Shoot Training

WISH TV took a trip to the Indianapolis Metro Police Department's Police Academy to find out how they train for these types of situations. It was a part of our Citizens Academy class and it was, to say the least, eye opening.

Once there, IMPD Veteran Jeff Patterson explained how one of his jobs is to train cadets on the use of force, including firing their weapon.

“What we’re going to prove now is if he decides to shoot you, he will win,” Patterson said, referencing a mock situation with a fake suspect.

24-Hour News 8’s Phil Sanchez stood there with his plastic gun in hand and pointed at the “suspect” who held his gun by his side.

“As fast as he can he’s going to go bang, and the bang is the indicator that he pulled the trigger” Patterson said.

Every time, Sanchez lost. Even when they didn’t fire, he lost.