VIDEO: Minnesota's Mall of America Sues to Keep Black Lives Matter from Disrupting Shopping

Minnesota's Mall of America—the largest mall in America—has sued Black Lives Matter and individual activists to prevent a protest planned there for Wednesday.

"Mall of America supports BLM's First Amendment right to free expression, but courts have clearly ruled that right may not be exercised on private property without the consent of the property owner," a request for a temporary restraining order filed in Hennepin County read. "To protect Mall of America's guests, tenants, and employees, this consent has not been given, and if BLM holds its demonstration at Mall of America despite the lack of consent, Mall of America will suffer irreparable harm."

The Mall of America pointed out that, "for the third time in a thirteen month period," Black Lives Matter has planned a demonstration at the 4.2 million square foot complex with 520 restaurants, 50 stores and its own amusement park. The first came on Dec. 20 of last year, when up to "1,500 people" came to the mall. Subsequent turmoil and arrests led to "an estimated 24,000 guests who did not visit Mall of America on that date."

"If the demonstration is allowed to go forward on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Mall of America is certain to lose guests who would otherwise have visited the mall," Mall of America said of the planned protest. " . . . In addition to these lost sales, the more than 15,000 people employed by Mall of America and its tenants will be negatively affected by a [sic] the loss of sales at the mall, as many of the employees depend upon commissions, tips, or bonuses that will be reduced due to the demonstration."

Black Lives Matter says it will hold the rally at Mall of America regardless of the judge's decision, the Chicago Tribune reports.