VIDEO: Omaha Officer Rescues Five from Burning House

Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen of the Omaha Police Department was trainingnew recruit Anthony Abboud on Abboud's first day on the job Sunday when they saw a house on fire. Goering-Jensen's instincts as a former military firefighter took over and he rushed inside the burning home before firefighters arrived on-scene and without any protective gear.

“I ended up getting down on my hands and knees which would be normal procedure for a firefighter in a situation like that, using the collar of my shirt to protect my airway,” said Goering-Jensen. “As the smoke got a little bit darker, it got a little bit harder to see.”

Even though the smoke kept getting thicker, Goering-Jensen made three trips inside, pulling five people, including a man with cerebral palsey who is confined to a wheelchair, away from the danger, WOWT TV reports.