VIDEO: Minnesota Town Calls for Attacks on Police to be Considered Hate Crimes

The city of Red Wing is the first in Minnesota and the second in the nation to pass a resolution designed to protect police officers from harm by calling for anyone who hurts a police officer to be charged with a hate crime, reports CBS Minnesota. The hope is cities across the country will adopt this stance.

"Currently 30 officers in 2015 have been killed by gunfire, that's a little over three a month," said Red Wing Police Chief Roger Pohlman. "They are targeting not the person but the position and the authority," Pohlman said.

A call to honor the lives lost came from the National Fraternal Order of Police. The group wants cities, counties, and states to acknowledge this crisis and work with them to address the violent surge against officers.

"I think it's a very trying time for law enforcement," Pohlman said.