Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of body armor and protective systems has announced its completion of an armor system called the Rhino Adaptable Armor System (Rhino) that it says is similar to an Iron Man suit.

"The Rhino is an articulated armor survivability system that provides the wearer reduced trauma associated to impacts from various handgun, shotgun, and rifle threats." Phalanx CEO James Coats says. "Being articulated and also incorporating Phalanx’s ultra-lightweight ballistic technology, the armor is able to be positioned to provide protection over more critical areas of the body."

Phalanx Defense Systems says its acquisition of DKX Armor enabled Phalanx ballistics engineers to explore new ground as relates to armor operability and material science advances. “Using new and existing materials in new combinations provides design capabilities previously unattainable, allowing for innovations in armor systems that function like no previously available armor.” Says Coats.

The company says it is scaling up production capabilities to start producing Rhino components. "We hope to have several more units in testing before the end of the year," says Coats.

When asked about some of the comic book characteristics of Iron Man such as flight and repulsor beams, Coats replied, “Not yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. The Rhino has many capabilities that we haven’t mentioned due to ongoing development, testing and evaluation.”