Photo: Miyad Designs

Photo: Miyad Designs

Miyad Designs' Cross Over Ballistic Holster (COBH) is a crossover flapped tech bag with a UL 752 level 2 ballistic plate installed inside.

A simple, stealthy, versatile self-defense and CCW carrying holster and backpack, this unit can be used to protect the user from being shot (a mini shield) or used in self-defense to strike an aggressor on the body (a surprise battering tool).

This lightweight crossover holster/pouch hides contents and creates a stealth method of carrying many items, including a concealed handgun and less-lethal weapons.

The included custom built-in ballistic plate is manufactured to UL 752 Level 2. Manufacturer is certified to manufacturer per UL 752. The UL752 ballistic plate is custom sized to be fitted within the confines of the Cross over Holster.

Miyad Designs fully tested the holster by firing .45 ACP. .357 Mag, 9mm, and .22 high-velocity LR into the COBH. Not one shot passed through the ballistic plate.

Currently patent pending, the COBH was the idea of a longtime design engineer (former VP of engineering for Snap On Tools) and a highly skilled sheriff's deputy specializing in concealed carry of firearms. Designed for maximum safety, protection, and cost savings to the user, it's available in black, sage, brown, and khaki for $62 each MSRP. Made in California, USA.

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