VIDEO: 2 Las Vegas Officers Nearly Killed During Shooting

Las Vegas Metro Police held a press conference Wednesday during which they released new details about a fatal officer-involved shooting in western Las Vegas on Friday morning, including body-worn video, reports fox5vegas.

According to Undersheriff Kevin McMahill, Metro officers had interactions with 56-year-old James Todora starting in early July. They were all about situations involving his estranged wife, whom he had threatened to kill. Todora then showed up at the woman's house the morning of the shooting.

Hours later, Officer Carlos Luna, who did not know about Todora's previous interactions with police, stopped Todora's vehicle near Sahara and Lindell after he noticed a broken taillight.

The body camera video showed Luna walked up to the driver's door and began trying to calm down an irate Todora, who was complaining about problems with his wife. McMahill said that as Luna was conducting his traffic stop, Officer Brian Kroening and another officer were conducting their own traffic stop within sight of Luna. Kroening noticed Todora's interaction with Luna and began walking over to check on Luna's welfare.

Meanwhile, the body camera video showed, Todora reached for a pistol that was under a blanket in the passenger's seat. Luna then reached in to stop Todora, and Todora put the gun to Luna's head and pulled the trigger. The gun did not fire.

Luna retreated and called for help as Todora cycled the weapon and fired a shot that hit Officer Evan Hogue who had arrived at the scene. Meanwhile, McMahill said, Kroening approached the vehicle and fired three shots, killing Todora.

Hogue was treated for a graze to his neck and released.

McMahill said he is confident the officers handled the situation the best way they could.