VIDEO: Ohio Officer Praised for Holding Fire During Attempted Suicide-by-Cop Incident

An Ohio police officer is being praised for holding his fire even as a double murder suspect charged him, saying repeatedly, "shoot me."

WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reported the tense moments were captured Thursday on a body camera worn by New Richmond officer Jesse Kidder.

The video shows Kidder repeatedly backpedaling and telling 27-year-old Michael Wilcox he doesn't want to shoot him.

The New Richmond Police Department Web site says Kidder had been sworn in to join the village police force last April 16, after serving in Iraq as a Marine. One year later, he found himself facing his toughest police challenge so far. Kidder said dispatchers warned him Wilcox could try to force a "suicide by cop."

Kidder said he watched Wilcox's hands and didn't believe he was going to shoot at him, so he kept yelling back to Wilcox that he didn't want to shoot him. Backup officers arrived and Wilcox surrendered, the Associated Press reports.