VIDEO: Citizens Stop Man Who Stole Houston Squad Car

Several bystanders tackled a Houston man accused of stealing and crashing a patrol car and exchanging gunfire with police, reports KHOU.

In a motel parking lot, a person accused of loitering in a motel parking lot reportedly pulled a gun on the Houston PD patrol officer who responded to the call. Police said the suspect and the officer exchanged gunfire. Then they said the suspect stole the patrol car and sped out of the parking lot. The chase ended less than three miles away on Creekmont, when the suspect slammed the patrol car into a tree.

Neighbors who were first to respond shot cell phone video. They said the suspect staggered out of the car and offered them money to let him go.

Neighbors said what they wanted was justice. So they tackled him to the ground and held him there until police arrived. The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Patrick Castro. He now faces multiple charges.