Some female police officers may be in trouble for posting come-hither photos of themselves on social media, sources said Monday, reports the N.Y. Daily Mail.

What's got police brass seeing red isn't that they are flaunting their assets, it's that they are turning up the heat on sites like "blueline_beauties" while wearing NYPD uniforms — an apparent violation of Police Department regulations, the sources told the Daily News.

The NYPD doesn't have a problem with officers flaunting themselves online, but it does have a policy banning officers from wearing uniforms on social media — unless the pictures are of themselves at official ceremonies — in an effort to maintain the credibility of the officers. The offending officers could lose vacation time, sources said.

Social media do's and don'ts are part of NYPD training, with the more diligent training officers and integrity control officers regularly telling cops to be careful about what they post on social media.

"Members of the service utilizing personal social media sites are to exercise good judgment and demonstrate the same degree of professionalism expected of them while performing their official duties," the 2013 order reads.