In response to National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Jon Adler issued the following statement last week:

As our nation's flag flies at half‐mast in honor of our three fallen heroes, we mourn the tragic loss of NYPD Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, and Tarpon Springs Officer Charles Kondek. With our unified law enforcement hearts, we grieve for the profound loss of our heroic brothers, and the unconscionable pain their families are suffering.

These brave warriors fell victim to an emerging form of despicable racism; that is, the hatred against the symbolic "blue." We stand in solidarity with the NYPD unions in our unwavering commitment to protect and defend the integrity of the thin blue line and those who serve. Law enforcement continues to be targeted by coward's soundbite bullets which can be as fatal as those from a madman's gun.

As I publicly stated after the assassination of our heroic Officers, "Had Mayor de Blasio been forceful from the onset when the two Lieutenants were attacked, one has to question as to whether this murderous psycho would have been compelled to target our heroic brothers and sisters in New York's Finest." When an elected official tacitly condones vile rants such as, "What do we want, dead cops; When do we want it, now," then their fingerprints lie on the banner that declares Open Season on law enforcement.

We cannot undo the horrific assassination of our heroes, but we must act to prevent the assassination of law and order. The spineless provocateurs who promote chaos must be exposed and held accountable. We need national leadership to support our nation's law enforcement heroes with action, and not simply weigh in with condemnations after an honorable officer is assassinated.

I respectfully ask that our citizenry honor the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes with remembrance and prayer. In honor and as Americans, we will stand strong and keep the peace.


The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan professional association that exclusively represents over 26,000 active and retired federal law enforcement officers from over 65 agencies.