A Wisconsin State Patrol trooper was injured after being dragged by a vehicle following a traffic stop near Lake Mills late Friday night. The suspected driver was arrested Monday in Milwaukee County, reports KPRC.

U.S. Marshals and probation officers apprehended John C. Dotson at his workplace. He was arrested after he attempted to flee on foot, said Sgt. Greg Jenswold of the State Patrol.

Dotson was asked to perform field sobriety tests but was allowed to go back to his vehicle because of poor weather while the trooper completed some routine checks, State Patrol said.

When the trooper went back to Dotson's vehicle, Dotson allegedly put it in gear. The trooper reached into the car and grabbed Dotson to try to keep him from leaving, but he accelerated and dragged the trooper about 100 feet on the roadway before the trooper let go, State Patrol said. The trooper was able to get back in his car to pursue the vehicle but lost sight of it.

Dotson will be held at Milwaukee County Jail on a parole violation and felony charges related to the traffic stop, KPRC reports.