VIDEO: Texas Officer Saves Motorists from High-Speed, Wrong-Way Vehicle

A quick-thinking, Texas police officer protected a string of drivers from a car going the wrong way on the highway Friday night.

Shenandoah police Sgt. Gary Sharpen started zig-zagging back and fourth on Interstate 45 northbound when the Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies called saying there was a driver headed the wrong way against traffic. 

Sharpen positioned his patrol SUV between the stopped traffic and the PT Cruiser that was reaching speeds of 100 mph.

"I knew he was coming at me and I knew there was no shoulder on the freeway," Sharpen told Click2Houston. "I knew that the traffic behind me, those people in those cars, their lives were at risk. I had to do something to protect them. I kind of put my vehicle in the lane that he was going to be at and accelerated and came to a stop at about a 45 degree angle. And I heard the car and the tires squeal from him breaking."

The driver stopped just feet from Sharpen's patrol SUV, then made a U-turn and headed north to Conroe, where he tried to evade officers and deputies. He was later stopped and arrested. An infant and a toddler were found in his car.