VIDEO: Police Investigating Threats on El Paso Billboard

El Paso police are investigating possible threats mysteriously placed on two billboards in Central and far East El Paso.

Both billboards had mannequins dressed in suits hanging by a noose with messages written in white paint on the billboards.

One of the messages in the 9400 block of Gateway East Boulevard near the Zaragoza exit ramp on Interstate 10 read 'Plata o Plomo,' police said. It means silver or lead, a phrase that could mean take the money or be killed. The other billboard was found in the 5200 block of Gateway East Boulevard between Raynolds and Chelsea Streets. The message read "Dying for Drugs."

It is unknown who placed the messages or for whom they were intended.

"This symbol (plata or plomo) has historically been used by Mexican drug cartels to threaten or intimidate Mexican citizens, business owners and government officials. However, we have never experienced this in El Paso," Sgt. Chris Mears, a spokesman for the El Paso Police Department, told the El Paso Times. He went on to say, "The investigation is on-going, but we do not have any information to suggest this was done to target any individual person or business at this time."