Liberty Ammunition, manufacturer of high-performance, lead-free ammunition for military and law enforcement markets, has announced that its Civil Defense 9mm personal defense round has received the highest score from the National Tactical Officers Association Members Tested and Recommended Program. Because ist Civil Defense 9mm scored a 5, Liberty Ammunition has the privilege of displaying the prestigious gold NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Logo in its marketing materials.

Liberty’s Civil Defense 9mm round has twice the effective range of standard ammo and has up to 16% less felt recoil. The testing officer said of the recoil, "I was astonished at the light recoil in my Glock 17. Despite being light, it cycled flawlessly."

With a 50-grain weight and a velocity of 2,000 FPS (kinetic energy at >450 FPE), Liberty Ammo Civil Defense 9mm rounds have an accuracy rate of under 2-inches at 50 meters. "The rounds were also very accurate. At 25 yards, you can definitely tell they are flying faster by the reduction of trigger press to the ring of steel," the testing officer wrote.

"Collectively, I was very impressed with the accuracy and cycling of the ammunition," the testing officer added. "It is very easy to shoot accurately. I believe that lead-free bullets and ammunition are the future and as bullet technology advances; it's only going to get better. Liberty Ammunition is certainly in the forefront of that movement."