The UCLA Police Department has cleared two officers accused by an African American judge of using excessive force after stopping him for not wearing a seat belt, reports the L.A. Times.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III, a former police commission president, filed a complaint and later a legal claim for $10 million, alleging that Officers Kevin Dodd and James Kim used unreasonable force and racial profiling in the Nov. 23 traffic stop in Westwood.

But UCLA officials found that the evidence did not support the allegation after an investigation reviewed a dashboard camera recording from the officers' police cruiser.

"UCLA police fully investigated Judge Cunningham's complaint as required by law but did not find sufficient evidence to sustain the allegations," the university said in a statement to The Times, noting that a letter was sent to the judge Monday morning. "We are distressed when anyone feels disrespected by our officers or anyone who represents UCLA."


Video: Judge Claims UCLA Police Used Excessive Force on Him