Photo courtesy of Skidcar.

Photo courtesy of Skidcar.

Skidcar System Inc. introduced the Skidbike tool for law enforcement motorcycle training at its annual conference in Las Vegas, according to the company.

Police emergency vehicle operations trainers were able to test-drive the Skidbike at the 2013 International Skidcar Conference in mid-April. More than 30 police trainers tested it out.

"We've put so much energy and focus into developing what we hoped would strike a chord with motorcycle professionals and rider trainers," said Dane Pitarresi, Skidcar president.

Trainers told the company that Skidbike "does a terrific job of emulating a front wheel skid caused by over-braking or lack of traction. It also provides a safe means of teaching techniques to recover from an unexpected front wheel skid," according to the company.