VIDEO: Fatal Detroit Tactical Raid

Jurors watched dash-cam footage from a fatal Detroit Police raid Wednesday during the trial of tactical operator Joseph Weekely for the shooting of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones.

The footage, which was recorded on the video system of a patrol car parked outside the residence, shows officers approach the door and side of the home on May 16, 2010. A distraction device then hits a window and enters the home, causing a white flash and releasing smoke.

Sgt. Robert Lalone testified that he then "heard a lot of screaming" and saw two Special Response Team members running to an SUV, and one of them was carrying a child, reports the Detroit Free Press.

A police activist has accused Lalone for making a racist joke in the video. Ron Scott, founder of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality, told that Lalone's reference to a downtown music festival was racist.

A retired evidence technician also testified that officers used a No. 25 distraction device.

Weekely faces involuntary manslaughter charges. His attorney has said the shooting was a tragic accident. During the raid, police were searching for Stanley-Jones' father, Charles, who was a murder suspect. A reality TV crew from A&E's "48 Hours" accompanied officers on the dynamic entry.