Logo courtesy of Kahr Arms.

Logo courtesy of Kahr Arms.

Kahr Arms, a New York-based manufacturer of compact handguns and parent company of Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research, announced it plans to leave the state following the passage of restrictive gun control measures earlier this year.

Kahr is preparing to relocate to Pike County, Pa., where it would build a new manufacturing facility on a 620-acre business park. The new location would also give Kahr the ability to expand and keep up with the current peaking demand, reports Guns.com.

"This land has a lot of woods. We have to clear the land and put in foundations. An operations manager will handle that and hire construction people," Kahr spokesman Frank Harris told the Pocono Record.

"We were ready to sign a deal in rural Orange County, N.Y. But when the governor passed stricter gun control, it made it tough to continue on that path, so we jumped over the river," Harris said.