VIDEO: Kentucky Dorm Room Raid

A University of Kentucky campus police officer has been fired for forcing his way into a student's dorm room without a warrant and making "inappropriate physical contact" with the student, reports the Lexington Herald Leader.

The Saturday incident was captured on video by the student and uploaded to YouTube, where it went viral, surpassing 150,000 views on Tuesday. A second officer is seen in the encounter.

The officers contacted the student, alleging that alcohol had been dumped out of the dorm room's window. The officers demanded to search the room for more alcohol without a warrant. According to university policy, police officers cannot search a student's dorm without permission, reports

Although the student, Graham Gaddis, can be seen wearing a Virginia Tech hoodie, the incident took place at the Lexington, Ky., university. Gaddis curses repeatedly at the officers, and asks if they have a warrant.

During the encounter, the officers threatened Gaddis with expulsion for refusing to allow the security personnel into his room. Footage also shows the officers shoving past him and conducting a cursory search of the premises.