eCycle Inc. has a low-voltage air-conditioning module for police and other municipal vehicles. The affordable, efficient DC air-conditioning solution produces up to 16,000 BTU per hour and can be easily installed in most vehicles, according to the company.

A typical police car idles as much as 7 hours during a 10-hour patrol shift, according to the company. Unnecessary idling increases fuel and maintenance costs, as well as harmful emissions.

By removing the air-conditioning load from the engine, utility is expanded and efficiency is significantly improved, according to eCycle. The climate control system functions independently of the engine and utilizes battery power to provide high levels of rapid cooling, even under extreme conditions.

Operating the vehicle's air-conditioning directly from batteries enables the operator to turn off the engine without sacrificing cabin climate. Installing eCycle compressor drives can help reduce costs by 25% or more, and pay for themselves within the first few month's of use, according to the company.

"eCycle has been selling electrically driven compressor drives for many years to a wide variety of markets," said Michael Sharer, eCycle's vice president of marketing. "We believe police cars, emergency vehicles and other municipal vehicles, such as trucks and maintenance equipment, will benefit the most by saving local governments thousands of dollars annually per vehicle."

The Tallahassee (Fla.) Police Department has been installing eCycle's compressor drive system in its police cars with excellent results. The city intends to eventually outfit all police cars with idle-reduction technologies, according to Officials have calculated per vehicle fuel savings of $2,000 annually, as well as a 30% increase in vehicle lifespan.


•      Greatly improves fuel economy, saves money

•      Direct drive

•      Operates independent of engine

•      "Hybridize" standard A/C systems

•      12-volt DC - 8,000 BTU @ 90A

•      24-volt DC - 16,000 BTU @ 90A

•      Low Voltage (99.9% of vehicles)

•      Integrated  with  standard  A/C  components  and  systems:   condensers,  evaporators, refrigerant lines, fans and controls.