VIDEO: Albuquerque Student Handcuffed

An Albuquerque Public Schools officer who used handcuffs on an autistic 7-year-old has been placed on paid leave, and the incident has sparked a debate about how to restrain children.

Here's an excerpt from the Albuquerque Journal's report:

The incident at Mary Ann Binford Elementary earlier this month lasted more than two hours, beginning when the boy began acting out in class, calling other students names and disobeying.

But the situation escalated steadily, to the point that the student ran from his classroom, kicked and punched a social worker, flipped over chairs and spit on the floor. When the officer arrived two hours into the incident, she tried to calm the boy, but he began shooting rubber bands at her and kicking her, according to her report. After warning him to stop, she put him in handcuffs.

Superintendent Winston Brooks has condemned the officer's actions and Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston revoked her law enforcement commission.

Watch the KOB news report here.