Photo: Safariland

Photo: Safariland

Safariland has introduced the APV QR (All Purpose Vest, Quick Release) carrier under its Protech Tactical line, according to the company.

The APV QR incorporates the same features of the standard APV tactical vest and adds a quad-release QR system ideal for maritime operations or for agencies requiring quick doffing capabilities.

The vest is designed around the BALCS (Body Armor Load Carriage System)/SPEAR (Special Operations Forces Equipment Advanced Requirements) ballistic shape used by the U.S. military for higher speeds and greater mobility. The ballistic panels in this vest are interchangeable with the standard APV tactical vest, as well as the upcoming APV LV (Lo-Vis) covert vest, to offer flexibility for various missions without compromising protection.

The quick-release mechanism allows the front and rear of the vest to be released through a single pull of a deployment handle located in the center upper torso on the front carrier. This provides the ability to remove the carrier quickly and effectively when the need arises. The quick release functionality has been streamlined with the addition of a quad-release buckle system on the vest's bottom-front and shoulders to ease reassembly.

The APV QR carrier is equipped with:

  • 360-degree modular attachment system to accommodate Protech Tactical TP pouches and accessories
  • External, auxiliary (dump) pouch with optional detachable M4 magazine pouches
  • Adjustable shoulders to provide a custom fit
  • Adjustable dual weapon retention system for specific weapon retention and individual shooting positions
  • Internal bottom-loading front and back plate designed specifically to hold multi-size SAPI/ESAPI type III or type IV hard armor plates

The carrier also features dual-side closure systems giving the officer the option of either utilizing the removable outer cummerbund to insert 6x6 inch mini-side plates for added protection or removing the outer cummerbund and utilizing the elastic strapping closure system for a more low-profile application.

An extensive offering of ballistic accessories can be purchased for both the APV QR including:

  • Ballistic yoke (includes shoulder, neck and throat protection)
  • Ballistic upper arm (bicep) protectors
  • Standard ballistic groin protector or an enhanced, diamond-shaped groin protector for greater femoral artery protection

The APV QR utilizes the same sizing system as the U.S. military, offering six standard sizes with standard fixed lengths. The APV tactical vest is available in SM01, BR01 or MR01 NIJ-0101.06 compliant Type IIIA ballistic packages.