The edgier team logos introduced earlier this month by Arizona State University and Nike bear a striking similarity to one of Chicago's largest, and most violent, gangs.

The Pac-12 school ditched its Disney-inspired grinning devil in favor of a pitchfork that resembles the crude trident of the Satan's Disciples, Chicago Police Sgt. Kenneth Epich tells the Arizona Republic. Sgt. Epich is an ASU alum.

Sgt. Epic is assigned to the city's Area One Gang Enforcement unit, who matched the trident with the tattoos, hand signals and graffiti associated with the Satan's Disciples.

The Satan's Disciples are a Folks gang that use a six-pointed Star of David symbol and and considered the primary rival of the Latin Kings.

As a Folks gang, the Satan's Disciples use the six-pointed Star of David symbol, according to the National Gang Crime Research Center. The gang uses a similar color pattern in "gang dress mode" to the Latin Kings that includes a Canary Yellow and black combination. Members have used Grambling University sportswear to covertly represent their gang identity.

Source: Arizona Republic

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