Xacore introduces its new National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) tested and recommended wireless push-to-talk (PTT) radio audio accessory. The set-up features a waterproof (IP67) wireless finger/sniper PTT that can be fastened around your finger, or the forward post or barrel of a rifle, using one of two varied length Velcro straps. This allows PTT activation to be covert, without coming off the gun and breaking the firing position.

The wireless finger/sniper PTT transmits its signal back to a 2nd PTT, for redundancy, which also doubles as the finger/sniper PTT’s receiving antenna. This receiving PTT unit is available in two form factors; a body PTT or slim-line PTT. Each wireless finger/sniper PTT is paired with its native receiver which allows for multiple units to work independently in close proximity.

The wireless finger/sniper PTT is available on Xacore’s surveillance style kits, throat mics, headsets, motorcycle kits, helmet kits and temple transducers.