A Virginia man turned himself over to authorities for his involvement in a hit-and-run larceny at a convenience store in Loudoun County. The suspect apparently turned himself in after a citizen received an e-mail alert from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office regarding the incident.

The alert was sent to citizens via the Roam Secure Alert Network (RSAN), which is used by jurisdictions throughout the national capital region for emergency text communications.

Jeffrey Michael Bellman, 20, was charged with felony hit and run, misdemeanor hit and run, larceny, and underage possession of alcohol. The suspect allegedly entered a convenience store to buy alcohol, but when he was denied by the cashier because of his age he put money down, took the beer, and took off in a car, dragging an adult customer who tried to grab him. According to reports, the suspect vehicle struck another vehicle in the parking lot and the customer fell to the ground before the suspect drove speedily away.

The Loudoun Sheriff's Office used the Loudoun Alert System to notify county residents and business owners of the incident that night. The suspect turned himself in the next day. The system is free to anyone in the area who has an e-mail account and allows those who sign up online to receive the latest news affecting Loudoun County via e-mail, cell phone, or any pager that receives text messaging.

For more information visit www.roamsecure.net.