HopeDigits, a free service of West Des Moines, Iowa-based WebPoint Communications, provides women trying to leave physically abusive relationships with a private telephone number and access to voicemail.

“This number gives her an extra margin of safety because Caller ID doesn’t reveal the location,” says Kha Phan, WebPoint founder and CEO. “People can call and leave a message, which is stored in a private voicemail box. The woman can go to any phone, anywhere, punch in her digits, and access her messages. She can also forward calls to a cell or landline phone, so she never has to give out those numbers. And if she can get online, she can make and receive calls from the Internet.”

WebPoint Communications is promoting HopeDigits through community counseling centers and women’s shelters, and is making free booklets explaining the service available to those agencies.

To find out more about the service or to request a supply of booklets, visit www.hopedigits.com.