FreeLinc and Peltor Communications are joining forces to develop wireless headsets for military communication systems. The new products will combine FreeLinc’s Near-field Magnetic Communications (NFMC) technology with Peltor’s under-the-helmet dual-ear designs—offering military personnel the freedom of wireless operation without sacrificing reliable, secure communications.

“Wired headsets and other accessory cables have long been a source of frustration for military personnel due to restricted motion and possible entanglements,” explains Tony Sutera, CEO of FreeLinc. “And even though cordless headset popularity has ballooned in the civilian market, military personnel have resisted the trend. Freelinc is the first to enter this market by providing secure and reliable wireless solutions.”

Many of the nation’s top law enforcement and U.S. federal agencies have selected Freelinc’s products to aid them in the safety and effectiveness of their two-way radio communications.

“As the pioneer of wireless accessory products designed for public safety two way-radio users, FreeLinc is recognized for technological innovation; yet our top priority remains the safety and efficiency of those who risk their lives for our freedom and protection,” says Sutera. “FreeLinc’s technology is a perfect fit for military applications and we’re excited to see it integrated into Peltor’s respected headset designs.”

Peltor is known for its tactical headset designs. The company’s Comtac headset series in particular has seen success with a number of military programs due to its advanced talk-thru electronics and under-the-helmet compatibility. Peltor’s Comtac series was recently selected as the official headset of General Dynamics’ warrior programs, which serve the U.S. Army and others.

"As an industry leader, Peltor is well practiced in incorporating the latest technological advancements into our products to answer specialized needs,” says Mike Cimino, director of marketing for Peltor Communications. “In this case, Freelinc and Peltor will combine engineering forces to offer military personnel a clear and reliable wireless Comtac solution for use during critical, high-noise missions."

FreeLinc and Peltor plan to begin a phased release of Comtac headsets with embedded FreeLinc technology under the Peltor brand by the end of this year.

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