When Maryland's first AMBER Alert was released two weeks ago, many thought the message was related to terrorist activity, not child abduction. Apparently the wording was confusing to many in the public who have been hearing about the United States' terrorism alert system using colors to indicate different levels of danger.

The coordinating council of Maryland's AMBER Alert Plan met and agreed that "CHILD AMBER ALERT" will now be the message that appears on the large highway message boards throughout the state. Smaller highway signs will simply read "CHILD ALERT." The next line on the message board will contain information about the suspect and his or her vehicle, followed by the instruction to call 9-1-1 if the vehicle is sighted.

The word "AMBER" will remain in the alert message, since it is part of the program that is now used in more than 30 states. Members of the coordinating council are implementing plans for a public education and awareness campaign for the AMBER Alert program.