IES Interactive Training, provider of use-of-force training products for law enforcement, now offers a laser-based Taser training weapon and accompanying training course.

The new Laser M26—model T-M26—is designed around Taser International’s Advanced Taser M26. The Laser M26 is the first and only laser-based TASER less-lethal training weapon available to law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and is available exclusively through IES Interactive Training and authorized TASER International distributors.

The Laser M26 works in concert with Summit Training’s new Advanced Taser M26 training course. The new course features four hours of fully interactive, digital video designed to instruct officers in the most effective takedown technology using the Advanced Taser less-lethal weapon.

The Laser M26 and the Advanced Taser M26 training course require the use of IES’ Range 3000 XP4 digital training simulator fitted with the A2Z Classroom Trainer.