TREXPO East is scheduled to host an exclusive screening of the documentary, "Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico," on Tuesday, August 26. Even if you don't work anywhere near the border or live in one of the border states, chances are that drug and human traffickers are operating in your state, and possibly in your jurisdiction.

"Drug Wars: The Colombianization of Mexico," from Texas documentary filmmaker Gary A. "Rusty" Fleming Jr., is a powerful and revealing documentary about the lucrative drug trade in the United States and Mexico.

The screening is free for all attendees to TREXPO East, to be held Aug. 26–29 in Chantilly, Va.

For more than three years, Fleming has been traveling along the U.S.-Mexican border investigating the drug cartels. In his film, he exposes the real truth behind the headlines and describes his enlightening experience, full of horrifying revelations and life-changing consequences, in his own words. Fleming worked with top law enforcement people from all of the three-lettered agencies on both sides of the border.

This training film will be followed by an exclusive Question and Answer session with the filmmaker and Richard Valdemar, former sergeant and gang investigator for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, frequent contributor to POLICE, and the host of's Gangs Channel.

Drug and human trafficking is a nationwide dilemma, and affects everyone in the United States where drug dealings occur. Drug cartels are threatening to take over Mexico; they provide a gateway for terrorist gangs