Stealth Force is the new incarnation of Magnum USA's popular Stealth line of boots. Available in a host of styles—all in black leather and nylon—the Stealth Force line has a boot for patrol, SWAT missions, and the station, and pretty much everything in between. "It's geared toward the everyday officer, but the tactical guys like them, too," says Brett Weitl, marketing manager for Magnum USA.

Styles include eight-inch boots in full-leather waterproof with side zipper and composite toe, composite toe only, side zipper only, waterproof-insulated, standard style with neither composite toe nor side zipper; six-inch boots in comparable styles; and a three-inch oxford style boot. Stealth Force boots designed specifically for women's feet are available in a variety of six- and eight-inch styles, as well as the three-inch oxford.

Wearers will recognize familiar features such as full-grain leather, circular side zippers, and a comfortable, lighter weight than traditional combat boots, as well as new improvements.

Exclusive to the line is Magnum's brand new X-Traction Zone outsole, with features that provide targeted grip to different sections of the foot. For example, the toe has diamond link fence grip, while ladder/step grip hugs the arch support. Siping (razor-thin grooves) along the center of the outsole directs water away from the foot to prevent slipping in wet weather, and the entire outsole is also slip- and oil resistant. While it's made to be functional, the X-Traction Zone outsole is also comfortable, durable, and integral to the boot's overall look.

Other Stealth Force features include nonmetallic safety toes, antibacterial treated materials, and upgraded zippers. Unlike most zippers that measure only 5mm, the YKK 8mm zippers on the Stealth Force are much sturdier and easier to grip.

Another important—and often overlooked—element in a boot is the insole. Magnum's MPACT contoured sock liner has memory foam in it, which improves immediate fit and comfort, and makes it last much longer than the typical insole.

Throughout its history, Magnum has drawn on a wide range of influences to develop footwear that does more than meet regulations. This tradition began with its genesis from parent company Hi-Tec Sports.

"Magnum came to be because we took a successful light hiking boot we created in the early 1980s and made it black and eight inches tall for law enforcement," Weitl says. "That boot became the very first 'stealth product,' and this is the third generation."

Magnum USA continues to look to the future, incorporating new technologies into its products and updating designs to keep ahead of trends. Weitl says the name "Stealth Force" describes Magnum's new line well because "it's lightweight, quiet, and looks very fast and fashion-forward."