Michael Teig, CEO of TigerLight, readily admits that the company's new T100 compact TigerLight was designed as a civilian self-defense tool, primarily for women. But he also believes the fist-sized LED flashlight and OC dispenser will be popular with on-duty law enforcement officers.

"It's not a replacement for the full-size TigerLight, but there are some large agencies that are looking into carrying the T100 because they like a smaller light; others are considering it as a backup," Teig explains. He adds that the device would be an excellent tool for undercover and plainclothes officers.

For years, TigerLight had been approached by users who wanted the company to shrink its full-size TigerLight into a pocket sized version. But that presented some real challenges.

"The very smallest we could make the TigerLight was about eight inches long, just because of the length of the spray canister, the length of the batteries, and the length of the bulb," says Teig. The solution was to change the way that the components are assembled. So for the T100, the switch, the battery, and spray canister are side by side instead of serial.

To create the T100's unusual fist-sized shape, TigerLight took clay, wrapped it around the components, and had 20 different women grip the light. The shape they created became the form factor for the device.

Molded from metal alloy, the T100 looks a lot like the grip of a handgun. It has two switches that control the light's seven modes: a utility switch and a tactical switch. The utility light switch has four modes, including two levels of white light and a red beam for reading maps. The tactical switch activates the momentary-on mode and a strobing mode. There is, of course, a separate actuator for firing the OC.

A hand strap is available for the T100, which lets the user hold on to the device while gripping other objects and performing other tasks. "I wore a T100 around on my hand all day just to see what I could do with it in my hand," Teig says. "I could type with it in my hand. So you could be filling out a ticket and have the light in your hand, thumb on the trigger, ready to respond."

The T100 is powered by one CR123 lithium battery and holds one half-ounce of OC. It sells for $89.85. For an additional $29.95 (introductory special), the buyer can purchase an accessory pack that includes four batteries, a hand strap, and a canister of OC.


TigerLight has also refined and improved its full-size flashlights.: the Series II and the Series III.

The Series II—the standard patrol TigerLight—has two major new improvements. Users can now adjust the position of the pepper spray actuator on the end cap relative to the switch. Also, the flip-up safety on the end cap is now easier for an operator to manipulate when he or she is wearing gloves.

The Series III—special operations TigerLight—has also been improved. Designed to be used in an officer's hand or attached to a long gun, the Series III TigerLight is now lighter. Teig says as much weight as possible has been eliminated from the light.

There have also been some refinements that are common to both lights. Both now have more aggressive checkering to enhance the user's grip and both have improved O-rings for a tighter seal.

In addition, TigerLight owners can upgrade their lights with a wide variety of options. For example, the company now sells a 375-lumen upgrade and is planning a 500-lumen LED upgrade. The standard TigerLight produces 275 lumens.

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