Don't be fooled by the familiar black color; Magnum's Elite Spider boot is built differently inside and out-from its combination upper made of polishable full-grain leather, action leather, and breathable aero mesh to its running shoe last. After collecting input from operators in the field through extensive research, the company developed an athletically inspired boot with proprietary features that boost comfort and performance.

"This product evolved from project Spider, which was aimed at producing the lightest, quietest, and most progressive looking boot on the market," says Magnum President and CEO Paul Brooks. The Elite Spider is the successful result.

By design, the boot is very light weight and comfortable, while still rugged enough to withstand a hard day working patrol or SWAT. An impressive 20 percent lighter than any other boot in its category, it won't weigh you down if you have to take chase. "The Elite Spider is the lightest tactical boot ever made, due to the ultra breathable Airmesh upper and low-profile slip-resistant outsole," explains Brooks. But that's not all there is to this footwear.

The boot's proprietary "Spidermesh" used on the inner lining is more than just a way to lighten the load. It also keeps the foot dry by wicking away moisture, maintaining comfort and operator performance. A perforated foam backing allows for added breathability.

As for its sole, Elite Spider's proprietary Vibram outsole, which exceeds international slip- and oil-resistance standards, is made up of the quietest rubber compound available, generating less noise and providing a higher level of grip than the industry standard. An integrated tri-density compression-molded EVA midsole, often used for running footwear, provides support and comfort. In place of a heavy steel shank, a non-metallic Stabilaflex lasting board ensures lightweight support underfoot.

On the outside, a shoelace pouch conceals laces for safety and convenience. Durable composite, non-metallic hardware guarantees the boot's stealth nature, and also keeps weight down. The Elite Spider is offered in three versions: eight-inch 8.0, mid-cut 5.0, and low-cut 3.0.

"Thanks to the involvement of officers in focus groups, helping us with the design brief and evaluating prototypes," says Brooks, "the newest species of Tactical Footwear has arrived."