Eye injuries are one of the most common wounds faced by military and law enforcement personnel. That’s why quality protective eye gear is one of the most important pieces of gear that you can carry into an operation.

Revision Military Eyewear’s Sawfly Military Eyewear System has been tested under fire, quite literally. According to the company’s test results, the lenses used on Revision Military Eyewear are strong enough to withstand being penetrated by #6 shot fired from a 12-gauge Remington 1187 shotgun with a 28-inch barrel at a distance of 16 feet.

I had to see this eyewear for myself, so I got a sample three-lens kit from Revision for testing and evaluation. The Clear Shield is designed for use indoors, during low-light conditions, and at night. The High Contrast yellow lens is best suited for outdoor use when the conditions are not bright enough for sunglasses. The dark sunglass lens is made for bright glare like off water or sand.

After I tried wearing the Revision sunglasses I asked several friends to examine the Sawfly Military Eyewear System and provide me with some feedback. One of my friends who is a probation department surveillance officer liked the product and was quick to notice that the Revision sunglass lens did not produce any distortion whatsoever.

Another of my testers, Carl, is a retired SWAT officer who has trained U.S. intelligence officers in the Arizona desert and Interior Police in Iraq. He knows the importance of wearing good-quality eyewear on the firing range and in combat. In addition to giving this product the thumbs up, Carl was the second person to notice that the Revision sunglass lens did not produce any distortion.

Another friend of mine, Terry, who works as the senior sales representative at my favorite cop shop also examined the Revision eyewear and made similar favorable comments. I also received additional positive feedback from other armed professionals who examined the Sawfly Military Eyewear System.

The Sawfly Military Eyewear System provides 100-percent UV protection and can be fitted with prescription lenses. It’s made in the USA and is approved eyewear for U.S. Army personnel.
I intend to purchase the sample Deluxe Kit and order the optional Rx Carrier adapter, so I can use a prescription lens with my Revision Eyewear. I also intend to recommend Revision Eyewear to my oldest son who serves as a uniformed city police officer.  

Nick Jacobellis is a medically retired U.S. Customs Agent and former New York Police Officer who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working undercover as a federal agent.