Utilizing Technology to Manage Schedules During Staffing Challenges

Updated Sep 20, 2023
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Nationwide staffing shortages in law enforcement agencies and emergency communication centers have led to burnout and significant overtime for officers and potentially dire consequences for communities.

While there is no easy fix for staffing shortage in today's world, there are ways to reduce the administrative burden on your staff and allow them to reallocate that time to other critically important tasks.

In this live presentation, Robbi King will discuss how you can simplify complex scheduling during periods of short staffing, overtime needs, and in the event of a critical incident. 

We will discuss how to:
  • Automate callbacks for staffing shortages and critical incidents
  • Gain better insights into staffing needs across multiple roles, shifts, and patrol beats
  • Create checks and balances for overtime hiring while abiding by labor agreements
  • Manage schedules on-the-fly, for both leadership and staff  

Meet the Speakers
Robbi King
Robbi King
Solutions Engineer, Manager
Vector Solutions

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